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On-screen digital photo editor measurement tool

Golden Ratio is a graphic design tool that helps you crop photos and accurately measure ratios.

So much emphasis is placed on adding showy effects and filters to your images on graphic design programs like Photoshop. You also need to make sure the finer aspects of your images are perfect as well.

Golden Ratio can help you do that by letting you properly compose the elements in your images, as well as measure proportions to ensure all elements in your photo look correct.

As a measurement tool, Golden Ratio has two main windows to work with. The first is translucent and remains in the foreground. It can be placed above any image on the screen you want to edit. This window contains a grid and measuring axises.

The other window is your control panel that lets you alter the transparency of each element, see different angles and lengths, change the appearance of lines, and define the type of composition rule (think: the golden ratio or the rule of thirds).

Golden Ratio also include two different tools: the Stencil and Measure tools. Golden Ratio's Stencil tool is used to create template patterns, which you can use along with any other sort of graphic design software. The Measure tool defines two lines on your screen and will display the angle and the ratio of them for your convenience.

Unfortunately, the control panel in Golden Ratio can look a little cluttered and be a little complicated initially to figure out how to use. It'd also be nice if there were an option to be able to minimize the program to your desktop tray when you're using multiple photo editing programs.

As a stand-alone photo editing and image optimization, Golden Ratio really shines.


  • Translucent foreground workspace
  • Includes various proportions and rulers
  • Template offers minimum interference
  • Very small memory footprint


  • Not able to minimize the app to the desktop tray
  • Cluttered control panel

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Golden Ratio


Golden Ratio 3.0 for PC

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